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As Managing Director of a small new enterprise in Northern Ireland I found Gerry O'Boyle's advice and help, particularly with regard to compliance and tax planning, to be invaluable in our start-up situation.

E. BraidenMD Home Health Care Ltd.

No matter what kind of small questions I had throughout the year, O'Boyle Accounting were always able to answer them quickly and correctly. They have completed my Tax Return quickly and efficiently and even instigated a tax refund for me.

V.ClarkeSelf employed counsellor

As a small business it is reassuring to know that we can count on O'Boyle Accounting to ensure our accounts and tax returns are always in order and submitted on time. "I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to any business owner looking for an accountant that is cost-effective, yet professional. I don't think you will find a better value accounting service. They deal with all my queries quickly and efficiently and in a manner that I can understand.

S. KennedyDaskam Ltd

O'Boyle Accounting encouraged me very strongly to form a limited company. By incorporating my business in the right way and at the right time and it made me annual savings of £16,000. I know that Gerry will continue to help me make even more tax savings in other areas in the future.

J. Rooney, MDBangor Dental Care

When we had a tax investigation, Gerry worked closely with us in dealing with HMRC during this stressful time. Thanks to his help and advice we were delighted to have a positive outcome and the investigation was concluded without any change to our Year End Accounts or corporation tax liability.

Managing DirectorSWS Ltd

A friend recommended O'Boyle Accounting and I have been delighted with their service. They have made the whole process of completing my tax return simple and painless. They even managed to obtain a tax refund for me that I wasn't expecting! Gerry has been a real strength in terms of my business and personal accounts. I have no hesitation in recommending him and have done so.

J. PedenNewtownards

O'Boyle Accountants offer us great service and trust in preparing our company accounts. As a growing business they keep us on track and 100% tax compliant which allows our own business to move forward with confidence. We regard Gerry, Laurence and Diane as assets to our business as we continue to grow.

Owen WatersIcarus Communications

Until I changed to O'Boyle Accounting, I didn't realise how useful an accountant should be to my business. I now have regular informal meetings on the progress of my business and get advice on current and future strategies with particular reference to tax and incomes. Prior to this my contact with my accountant was annual and reactive – now it’s regular and proactive. I would definitely recommend O'Boyle Accounting.

J. BrowneBangor / Newtownards

O'Boyle Accounting provides an excellent service for my business. Gerry explains tax issues in a way that I can understand, he responds quickly to queries and gets returns submitted to HMRC on time, and his charges are very competitive too. I also feel confident that my accounts are in safe and trustworthy hands. I would highly recommend him!

P. AbbottBusiness Owner

As a company with a requirement to collect and pay VAT, O'Boyle Accounting encouraged us to register for the VAT Flat rate scheme. The expertise and knowledge at O'Boyle Accounting not only allowed them to recommend the correct flat rate for our company but they also took care of the whole registration process. Thanks to their advice and efforts we were delighted to achieve an impressive saving of £1,600 on submission of our first VAT return.

R. HesslerR2 Support Solutions Ltd