Accounting & Taxation Experience.
We have the experience gained by working with small business in a wide variety of areas.

About us

Gerry O’Boyle and associates are Accountants from Bangor and Newtownards forming O’Boyle Accounting & Taxation, specialising in saving tax and other costs for small businesses.

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We also prepare Accounts and Tax returns for small companies and offers practical advice in running a business.

O’Boyle Accounting and Taxation provide tax advice to businesses by offering Quickbooks advice and training. They also teach Taxation on a part-time basis in the local SERC College and offers Taxation courses on a one-to-one basis too.


Practical experience

Gerry O’Boyle Accounting and Taxation have practical experience in various types of business.

Before setting up on his own in 2006 founder Gerry O’Boyle worked as financial controller and management accountant in a wide variety of businesses including manufacturing and service type companies – and again, usually with small companies.

O’Boyle Accounting and Taxation have experience of setting up new systems to help control costs and monitor spending. Our team consists of good problem solvers and always look at the most practical (cut to the chase!) way to achieve the best results. Like a lot of business people and entrepreneurs, Gerry took a brave decision to set up on his own in 2006 and recruit a stellar team.

Since then O’Boyle Accounting and Taxation have grown and taken on clients in all areas of enterprise and now represents;

  • Restaurants
  • Solicitors
  • Clients in the Aviation industry
  • Photographers
  • Couriers
  • Charities
  • Manufacturing and processing industry
  • Clients in entertainment, health and sport